KUOW ‘Ask A…’ Series Research Executive Summary (12.31.17)

Rationale for Workshops: “One reason we’re seeing such intense polarization in American society is that we’re not talking to each other. We’re wrapped up in our own cocoons and echo chambers. In an effort to combat this, KUOW is launching a series of person to person conversational events called ‘Ask A…’….

Sample Broadcast/Newsletter Script

When getting the word out, you may want to consider a newsletter or short broadcast. Here is a sample script we found to be successful. Just fill in your event’s name and the community that you are seeking: “Do you have questions about (name of ‘Ask A…’ group) … but…


Here are our surveys for each phase of your event:   BEFORE For Askers For Answerers AFTER For Askers For Answerers 3 MONTHS AFTER For Askers For Answerers

Sample Questionnaire

These simple questions can be useful when curating attendees for your event: Would you like to participate in (your organization’s) ‘Ask A (whomever you’re asking)’ event? First Name Last Name If you’re an asker, what would you like to ask? If you’d like to answer, what you like to talk…

Food and Venue

These quick tips should help you when deciding on location and catering. VENUE The venue is one of the first things you’ll need to decide on, and it’s often one of the most important choices you’ll make when creating your ‘Ask A…’ event. To help you out, here are our…